Youth Ambassadors and Global Youth Forums


Our firm regularly hosts Global Youth Forums. Some forums we have represented in the past included:

  • A Big Ten University
  • A Historical Black University (HBCU)
  • Corporate Global Business Forum- Youth Think Tank
  • Community Youth Business Forum- Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit

This year we will truly go GLOBAL. We will host a Forum in Switzerland and the UK!

Additionally, we will plan to host  forums in India and Africa 2017/2018.

We are excited and look to receive valuable feedback relative to improving Global Youth Unemployment which hovers around 12-13%.

Our goal is to model new strategies that will have a global impact in right sizing skill set and employment opportunities. Further, we look to train youth to become LEADERS and the next big “Entrepreneurs” in an effort to “Make the world better one community at a time.”- EGI The Economic Growth Initiative


Pictured below- two Global Youth Ambassadors Tiffany and Evan


B. Lewis EMBA