Violence in small neighborhood areas in Chicago


Violence in Chicago compared to Iraq and Afghanistan

It is widely reported, there are more murders in Chicago than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am appalled and utterly concerned at the lack of progression as it relates decreasing the gross number of murders in Chicago.

The solution to this problem is not rocket science folks.

What is happening?

The gangs are not organized to any great extent in certain small neighborhood areas in Chicago.

The small areas that have been impacted, lack economic progress and they are in dire need of Social and Emotional Learning inclusion.

The small areas are concentrated with very dense populations of cyclical poverty and lack of access to sustainable jobs/careers

The youth are in full on survival mode

What does this mean?

The youth have become the very fiber of their environment and it has become a vicious cycle whereas there’s a lack of decorum, respect and a dire state of hopelessness!
There is absolutely nothing to look forward to besides the day they have and the territory they gain in light of survival.

Who understands this?

I know of a man who a very competent authority and is willing to curtail the violence to the extent he did up to 2013- whereas the violence was at an all- time low- Decrease by 25%! (Mr. Tio Hardiman with Violence Interrupters)

He is not lacking people resources at all- He is LACKING Funding!
He is a man of INTEGRITY
He is Fearless
He is an Altruistic person
He stands for what is Right
He is very good at what he does
He has a great acumen as it relates to organization and change management
He is Educated
He is Street Savvy
He is well Respected in all communities

The city of Chicago had not seen such low numbers in violence achieved year over year (up to 2013 under his leadership) since 1965!!!

Who is calling on this man and his organization to STOP the violence?

I encourage everyone to put a stop to this and immediately work toward the greater good…or I can almost guarantee you, it will be in a neighborhood near you soon.
It’s just a matter of time.

Common sense should tell us- as areas become increasingly more crime ridden, oversaturated, and overwhelmingly dense, the leakage spills over into other areas.

The leakage can be likened to a catastrophic flood zone where people are displaced and force to leave their residence. The leakage causes people to relocate to other areas.

That area could be near you soon…where norm conformity does not reign.
This is not to say all peoples in said areas are bad people. Surely all peoples are not. However, the disrespectful serial criminals and hopeless people who would like to extend territory and wreak havoc in new environments may be part of the relocation package.

Let’s be clear:

The murders are concentrated and occurring in particular small neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, not all of Chicago.
However, the chases on the expressways to include but not limited to North Lakeshore Drive, The Dan Ryan, The Eisenhower expressways, The Kennedy and The Stevenson are ALL pathways to the more stable and affluent communities.

Therefore, we should put a bit of pressure on the City of Chicago to call on the expert who has the means and access to resolve this issue. The problem has now become Out Of Control- The ENTIRE WORLD/GLOBE is commenting (BBC, Al Jazeera etc.).
Further, the city’s police force cannot solve the psychological and social impact that creates the cycle of violence. They are to Serve and Protect in the short time span they are on the streets- with the hope to return home to their families intact. While police officers are sworn in to serve and protect, they are not the DEA, the CIA, Sociologists or Psychologists. They are Police Officers. Thus, it is almost a conflict of interest for the force to enter deep into the fabric and fiber of the violence interruption dynamism. No blame there. Albeit, there has to be a new and innovative training of sorts for the entire force. The force is dealing with a new day and a new complex problem and they are ill equipped to handle such issues and problems. This is why we see so many unjust police shootings around the country in similar said areas. The police force is in war zones much like Iraq and Afghanistan or better yet Vietnam- whereas most soldiers did not know who the real enemy was nor did they know why they were there fighting that battle everyday-all the while hoping to see a new day. None the less, the dynamic remains the same- it is a battle and it is a war. However, the dynamism is vastly different. The game has changed and no one informed the players of the new rules.

What is unclear too me?

Are we letting Politics and Bureaucracy work against the greater good to STOP the shootings and the killings?

I often wonder if this is the case. And if so, I am deeply saddened and a bit mortified by the matter at large.

Some would say- “hire more police officers”, that is indeed a temporary fix to a more perplexing matter.

While there may be legitimate cause to add more officers to the force, it will only offer a temporary fix to a complex issue.

This is what I mean:

It does not matter if another 100 police officers are hired. That is window dressing. Further ATTRITION tells us that the 100 number in additional police officers hired will serve mostly to backfill officers who are retiring, being terminated and such. Moreover, while it is a nice gesture to add more feet on the street to go to battle in these illusive yet dangerously combative war zones- it is imperative that new and innovative training protocols and SEL is directly woven into said training. I am afraid, due to the nature of not knowing what one is working with- the officers that have been sworn to serve and protect are at a distinct disadvantage and have been leaning toward their own understanding. And that is and has not been working out so well.

What happens if our forces of authority are at a disadvantage?
What happens when unjust shootings continue to happen daily?
What happens when the public openly distrusts a system of corruption?
What happens when the public dishonors members of the system that have sworn and taken an oath to serve and protect?
What happens when the police force becomes frightened and turns that fear into an unjustified murder?
What happens when unorganized infectious systems reach a swelling and the bubble bursts?


That society is at a Dis-ease
We lose the battle and the war.

We cannot afford that- This country has a great civility infrastructure and can be made better. Someone in authority has to put on their thinking cap(s) and figure this out. As I’ve stated- this is not rocket science.

I do hope someone is out there listening. I am available and willing to help in any way I can.

I welcome your comments.

All my love for a greater humanity and all the best,