The Electoral College…Its not just about the Popular Vote

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If you are interested in knowing what a caucus is…read the article on this blog “What the heck is a Caucus…?” and read the information on the link here:

While a Presidential Candidate may win the popular (majority of people) vote, He/She MUST have a certain number of delegate votes from the participating states and some districts in the union (most recently, DC The District of Columbia-albeit is not a state, has 3 delegate votes that must be counted). As such, if a candidate falls short of securing the desired number of delegates~ He/She will not win the election.

This is very important to understand. It is likened to the lesson learned when Al Gore ran against George W. Bush some years ago. Gore secured the popular vote but failed to secure the majority votes in the electoral college. He lost the election, yet the majority of people in the country voted for him.

Many were horrified and disappointed, yet they failed to understand the election process.

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