Shrink…Are We On The Couch?

There have been times where I have felt the need to relax on the sofa in light of regrouping and maintaining my composure. There have been times where I have laid for a while, napped a while and admittingly- wallowed for a while.

I’m curious though-
My curiosity is related to:

Pressure and stress : wealth

Pressure and stress : poverty

…and the accessibility to a psychiatrist or at least a good couch.
When I say a good couch- I mean…a good place to go that is unencumbered with triggers or stressors. A place where one can recuperate without nuance, impediments or triggers.

I welcome your thoughts.

My thought is:

If one can afford to sit and have someone listen to all their issues and problems- then take a pill for the said issue or problem, they may have a better chance at coping/ moving through life with success (as defined by society).
If one is unable to do so, they will be less likely to be able to cope with life in a functional way and they won’t have access to receive the help and guidance they need in light of achieving success.

That said, those who are impoverished are at a greater disadvantage as it relates to achieving “success” according to societies definition.

This is not rocket science or highly vague. It is clear.

However, the correlation to wealth and the fact that per capita : psychiatrists in wealthy nations is high becomes a story that is very telling.

Take a look below…

What are your thoughts?


All the best,