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The wisdom and lesson of being overwhelmed and overcoming Negativity.

Today I have to take a break from my usual 12-14 hour routines. I feel exhausted. Hopeful, yet exhausted and I am a little off put by this feeling. While I would like to work hard today, I am finding it difficult to do so and quite frankly, I do not want to rest. Thus, I am conflicted. Ever feel that way?

This is what I have decided:

1. Work from home
2. Take rest at my leisure
3. Pray
4. Eat well
5. Start my workout in the evening
6. Finish second round edits on a manuscript at my leisure
7. Listen up on some strategy lessons from last week while relaxing on my chaise with a cup of hot tea
8. Organize my week and my weekend on my paper calendar
9. Do away with all electronic gadgetry for today- my phone being the worst culprit
10. Enjoy the fact that I am alive and living in the moment
11. Take another rest at my leisure

I full well realize, tomorrow will be another day. If I am blessed enough to see it, I will embrace it and live the day’s entirety to the fullest. There is something profound about the mind and how positive thinking gives off energy (which I am beginning to feel just now). Although I have some limitations today, I will not be defeated in negative thoughts. I live to love and I love to live. Thus, I smile in knowing this too shall pass.

All my best,