Our Global Youth…

Let’s define Youth:

youth- dictionary.com  


the condition of being young.

the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of one who is young.

the time of being young; early life:

His youth was spent on the farm.

the period of life from puberty to the attainment of full growth; adolescence.

I work with Youth Every single day of my life and I always have. Even though I am swamped with Business Strategy work, I make sure I CONNECT™ with OUR Youth.

Because OUR Youth Matters! You don’t have to be a majority or minority to understand this. What is paramount to understand – Youth is comprised of 20-30% of our global population of seven (7) billion people. If OUR Youth is disenfranchised and underserved, our world will suffer greatly.

There is a significant disconnect relative to skill set and job readiness. We as adults must prepare them for innovation, work/life and more important, we must engage their passion. NOONE wants to spend a lifetime of struggle and unhappiness. If we do not engage OUR Youth to that extent we all lose.

I started engaging Youth at a very young age, 23 to be exact. At that age it could have easily become ALL about ‘ME’. However, I made a decision to not ignore me, but share with OUR Youth as I had learned a lot- being an old soul growing up with ten siblings (10). As such, I adopted my nephew after my mother passed away in an effort to give him a great chance and start at life. There I was 23, no mom no dad- on my own with a young son (7years old) having a ball with life! As if that weren’t enough, I began mentoring and organized a Youth Mentorship Program at the fortune 500 I worked for at that time and was very active with OUR Youth throughout a local school district in a very stable upper middle class community. I emphasize upper middle class because most think mentorship is only for the poor, disenfranchised and underserved. Not so. Youth are hurting in two parent traditional homes, Single family homes, affluent communities, poor rural communities and highly urbanized communities. The take away is, Youth and their respective diverse trajectories Matter and we should engage!

Please take a look at this:


The numbers and the prospective of Global Youth unemployment is daunting.

One initiative that our firm has embarked on is Smart Five Pillar Programming. The Five Pillar© program is a holistic approach to engaging youth and training in the highly specialized Technology and Entrepreneurship space. Additionally, Social and Emotional Learning, Health and Fitness and Careers is a part of the Five Pillar Program© for youth.

We have a 5K Run Walk ( EGI Thrive It takes a village) coming up June 17, 2017 and we are looking for YOU. The 5K Run Walk will benefit the Five Pillar Program©. You can sponsor Youth, donate or participate as an individual or as a team.

Register or donate at:


I implore you to get involved. Call us or email us to find out how…You will be enlightened and amazed at your accomplishments and how grateful and kind the world can be. Together we make each other better.

Thank you and all the best,