Manufacturing product in the States


When one considers the cost of operations outside of manufacturing- one can clearly see what is left for actually making said product. This chart is very telling.

I am almost certain, Apple will not shift manufacturing to the States unless they layoff many people throughout the corporation and realign strategic intent. That is simply unrealistic at this point in the game. The company has much more ground to cover as dominant innovators.

Flipping the script as it relates to strategic intent and business planning may be unnecessary and is difficult to do when the model is working and a business is profiting from said model.

What I believe Apple should do is, open its logistics and distribution to underserved areas and scale much like they have done in China. Albeit on a different logistics model for sure- as our labor cost is vastly different here in the States.

It can be done. It’s just a matter of fortitude and willingness.

Tim Cook if you’re out there listening, I want you to know:

I am a new convert- from Blackberry to Android to IPhone- and I love the ease of use… and the iPhone6s design/color.
I am proud of the accomplishments Apple has made
I knew Xerox was crazy when they did not listen to Apple’s founders (I was at the company then)
I wish you continued success
I want you to call me and hear a great story of winning in underserved areas.

All the best,