Life as an intern at CLC Group

So my boss just happens to be my Mom (she is so different at work! – tough for me at first). One of my first tasks is to add value to the firm’s “Blog”. My first blog assignment is to write about something significant and relative to business this morning …and to be honest, I feel a little overwhelmed. My mother Bridgette Chatman Lewis is a CEO, MBA grad, has a certification of law from Yale and she is pioneer and inspiration to everyone she touches. It just hit me; she’s leading this firm to pure innovation that will expand across the Globe! …and what better way to christen my first blog entry, than to show her my appreciation for hiring me, paying me and training me in Global Business. Not to mention all the support and push she has given me through out the years.

One, my mother is fastidious. She never stops short of anything-she goes the distance. Whether it’s work or family, she tries her best to strive for greatness. Two, she is annoyingly brilliant. Her nous relative to business and the emerging markets in developing countries is unparalleled, and when she tried to explain it to me, I feel a little…how should I put this…uneducated. Even though I have learned quite a few lessons of cultural assimilation (being a student at a university abroad) and have obtained some knowledge of the markets abroad she insists on having me read every trade journal that comes to our home and the office. She says, I still have a lot to learn. I agree.

By no means do intend on this post being gloat fest, or fictionalizing the actual representation of my mom. She has her flaws just like anyone else, but it always seems like the good outweigh the bad. Recently she has put me to work as her intern. The job is intense and exciting. I make contact with some real heavy hitters in the market(s). I would like to think of the job as the ultimate learning experience.

A few weeks back she had me sit in on her Global Business Forum and it completely blew me away. The people that she is connected with are influential in a major way, and have the potential to change the Global Economic Landscape. Additionally, she had me assemble a press release kit including a YouTube video for “The GINE Event” on September 12th in Oak Park IL. At this event; international and domestic business venture capitalists can network with international delegations and government agencies to further enhance a company’s brand and profit(s) all while creating JOBS!!!. Now that’s powerful.

Overall it has been an exciting time as an intern at CLC Group. I knew (instinctively) this was the Summer job for me when I gazed out the window in the office and saw a clear view of the Lake, skyscrapers and people pounding the pavement in an effort to work and change the world. This is where it happens and I want “IN”! I know there are many more adventures in store for the firm as long as she is in charge and continues to inspire others to impact the lives and livelihoods of others!

Here is a YouTube video describing the “GINE Event”


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