Lessons in leadership

Today I write from my leadership standpoint. I run two organizations that are at times overwhelming. As such, I’ve made a deliberate decision to swim through the murky waters until I reach the shore- then take a well deserved bath.

Today, I will not be defeated!

“You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated”- Maya Angelou

As a leader (on a personal note):

Some say I have lived a full life- one that is to be envied. I say, ‘I’ve accomplished much and I’ve failed miserably at many things’. I joke with my husband/ friend and say, ‘They just don’t know!’ We laugh.

What I do know:

  1. I somehow keep rising to the occasion of the challenge
  2. I know defeat is temporary
  3. I know happiness is not sustainable but JOY is
  4. I know happiness is an amazing rainbow- if you are fortunate to catch and seize the ‘happiness is’ moments
  5. Failure leads to accomplished lives “Success and Service”
  6. I am grateful for both my accomplishments and my failures

Today, I am overwhelmed and a bit lonely in my work. That is what Leaders mean when they say,  “It’s lonely at the top”.

Leadership is a journey that only us crack-pots venture into.  The term ‘crack-pot’ is meant to be interpreted as an endearing term that only visionaries and those who are offered an explanation truly understand. It is not meant to be offensive or cunning in an way.

Some great characteristics of Leaders:

  1. You go where others dare not enter
  2. You take on more risk because there is a dire need or a significant problem to be solved
  3. You become thick skinned and spine straight
  4. You somehow find in your loneliness, there is Joy and Peace
  5. You inspire others to Dream and to become accomplished in their gift(s)

As a leader you’ll come to understand and realize that stagnation will never Grow anything and YOU must challenge yourself and others around you (near and far) to dream in color, be innovative and to become positive change agents.

So today choose to be a Leader that is:

  • Chocked full of IDEAS
  • Able to Solve Problems
  • Inclusive
  • Kind – (kindness is not synonymous with weakness)

In doing so, the World will be better and individuals will come into their true Growth Opportunities (and perhaps seize them). There is a certain Joy and Peace to that extent. That J&P is almost ethereal and surreal to the average individuals’ comprehension and that’s okay;)

Cheers to your journey~ Go and be Great!

Never be Defeated.

With Love,