So what is this thing called ‘The Cloud’ ?


‘The Cloud’

The Cloud is a new name for grid computing or software as a service. The CLOUD maintains relation between your data, network servers, the internet, the globe ~ via relational code, analytics with Super Storage Capacity.

This new Super Storage Capacity has replaced traditional storage archives such as physical (paper) storage, CD drives, jump drives and typical mainframe storage. As it were, typical static storage has been and is being replaced with Dynamic Archives. In switching to a Cloud based service, the client will have to ready the company for many changes in which there can be many hiccups along the way. Moreover, the client should keep a careful watch over all of its data and maintain high levels of security and backup everything to a traditional reliable source that should be on surveillance lock down.

The CLOUD is Super Computing on a very high technological level. It is not difficult to understand; it’s more arduous as it relates to vetting a reliable, reputable and responsible company to entrust confidential data, trade secrets and intellectual property to.

There are many fine companies out there. Please ensure you are working with a knowledgeable sales team that stands on honesty and integrity.

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Overcoming DISPARITY

One word.


Be an income generator and a Job Creator.

You Can.

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Global Youth Unemployment Part#2…The Global Immigration Crisis

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Economic Recovery and Entrepreneurism

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Podcast~ Frivolous Corporate Lawsuits? Egregious Corporate Behavior?

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A Proper Business Plan

Why your business plan must be solid.
business plan

1. Your idea is valuable
2. Your time is worth money
3. Your team is counting on you
4. The market needs you (growth initiatives)
5. You are in business to be Profitable
6. Success

Make sure your road map to success is a Clear Concise Financially Sound BUSINESS PLAN

That Plan should be a vehicle to your company’s success. It should be clear, concise, doable, have stretch goals, create value, depict and prove innovation toward market growth initiatives and make sure you clearly define the value you are bringing to the market and how your product/service or good will compete in the marketplace. Moreover your business plan must include Marketing and Communication strategies to the extent of creating HYPE and generating revenue/ profit.

Remember,…in general (consumers)
“People line up for what they want and strive to get what they desire but do not have..”- BCL

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