What happens when your business goes up in flames (so to speak)? Do you run through the fire?…

No. You figure out a way to approach the fire and put it out.

A cool head is more likely  prevail under pressure.

All the best,


What happens when your business takes a turn…

In business you should always be mindful of business down turns. If you’d like to stay profitable and successful, please know the following:

  1. There is no room for complacent attitude or behavior
  2. Your competition would like to have more marketshare in light of growing their business
  3. You have to stay in touch and in tune with your employees (they drive your business and they have their finger on the pulse of the customer)
  4. Follow your annual business plan and mission statement, it is a critical component of your intended success strategy (it shows your company stands for something)
  5. Incorporate excellent customer service in all aspects of your business
  6. Know your competition
  7. Know your customer
  8. Know your customers needs and wants
  9. Know your employees
  10. Know your employees needs and wants
  11. Know where our company is headed (no time for head in clouds)
  12. Do something…work the plan, roll up your sleeves…get busy and plan to work in survival mode
  13. Do not quit, figure it out and plan to sell if absolutey neccessary
  14. Consult with trusted experts or business consultants who truly understand your business industry and your business needs
  15. Have faith
  16. Believe
  17. Dream
  18. Think Big
  19. Keep a lid on your plans and your vision until you are prepared to roll out the business plan and strategy
  20. Keep negative people away from your business and your inner circle

If your business takes a turn on the down side, keep pressing toward the mark you set as a success target, until you have a Bulls Eye!

All the best,


Diversity in skill set is not a threat….

There are few things that really bother me as it relates to business. That thing is closed mindedness. Don’t be a company that views diversity as a threat in your organization. Diversity can make your organization Better. In business, companies can not afford to be exclusionary. If the American Corporation is to stay profitable and innovative, there must be inclusion at the decision making table. Additionally, there must be diversity in skill set throughout the organization.

You see, diversity is not an interloper here to invade our business and take away opportunity. Diversity is a necessary means to an end. The end simply put is a profitable, well run organization that knows the value of its people who are at the core of the companies success.

 When a company truly values diversity it shows in reciprocity. The people in the organization value each other, hold each other accountable, and extend loyalty to the company. Loyal employees enhance production and innovation. In short, people work harder and feel good about their efforts because they are actively engaged in the process.

If a company excludes diversity in skill set because middle management does not get it, then the mid layer of management in your organization needs proper training and testing on the training…then held to specific targets relative to the diversity goals of the company. If the mid-management (this includes but is not limited to AVP’s, Regional Management etc…) needs to be be replaced with forward thinkers that truly understand the companies mission and vision, DO IT NOW. Don’t let your organiztion suffer business loss due to a group of defiant managers unwilling to adapt to the paradigm shift.

Make your company a better place, one that embraces innovation and forward thinkers. Re-think your mission statement and value proposition. Then build your strategic business plan and enjoy the market share you deserve. Engage the employees and empower them, Fire them Up! I guarantee a positive change in morale and a group of workers who are “all in”!

To greater success,


Popularity…what people are willing to do

It has recently come to my attention (almost epiphany like) that some people will do almost anything to win over others. Unfortunately, this holds true in our personal lives, politics and business. I used to think that politicians told the truth and political debates were honest and pure, Whoa (head in cloud)!!!! similarly, I used to believe that all executive and senior level management held their employees in high regard and really looked out for good workers, once again head was in cloud. …and last I thought that at the end of the day people will do the right thing, especially if they profess to love God and have compassion,was I ever wrong. The truth is by and large,certain people want to please themselves and others in light of gaining popularity. Some people will do anything to get an audience hyped up cheering their name (seriously..there are folks out there…that insecure). Additionally, some of these people like hearing themselves talk so much so, they begin to answer to themselves…O.K. I guess what started my dialogue today was the latest from a man I used to greatly respect (and hope to gain respect for again), Donald Trump. Now I’m going to talk to Donald… Seriously Donald, if you are going to run a political campaign start with Integrity not Hype. You see Business is a little different than politics. In business or in our personal lives, one can get away with engaging an alliance with a certain  group of folks and build a coalition largely based on popularity and Hype. However in Politics, especially if you are entering from a private citizen and business background, you need to enter the game with facts and Integrity…you can build on Hype later as you’re on the trail. Marketing to “Birthers” to win popularity and votes in light of picking up “market-share” is just sad and has the appaearance of desperation. If you want popularity (which can equal quite a large number of votes) in politics, engage the independents and put forth a solid campaign. Right now, you are isolating yourself from people that would possibly vote for you… and challenging the President of the most Powerful Country in the World based on B__SH__! In layman pedestrian terms, “seriously”? There are some checks you can take to the bank, this is one of those checks. Some people are like good checks, they are redeemable. I’d like to think you are one of them. Stop the madness while you are ahead. You probably would have gotten a sizable minority vote and a large independent block of voters, and perhaps some of the gay vote.. the voters in these categories really like you. But when you show up with deceitful antics and tactics that have the appearance of bias, you lose. Donald…do the right thing, want more power…build on your skill set.

All the best,


Business Strategy

Focus on your business plan and mission statement. While doing so, make a concerted effort to do a quality job of your works that are related to your profession. Quality should outweigh Quantity. Sometimes one tends to focus on being busy with the intent to get work done. In the meantime one tends to be busy being busy…I often wondered what purpose people serve if they chat up most of the day in lieu of work. I hope you have a fair balance of work and play, just be careful that play doesn’t become the reason you engage your profession. You will be successful as you set goals and perform consistent checks and balances. When you become successful (and you will), Teach one until you reach one…Give Back!

All the best,