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Violence in small neighborhood areas in Chicago

Violence in Chicago compared to Iraq and Afghanistan It is widely reported, there are more murders in Chicago than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am appalled and utterly concerned at the lack of progression as it relates decreasing the gross number of murders in Chicago. The solution to this problem is not rocket […]

Shrink…Are We On The Couch?

There have been times where I have felt the need to relax on the sofa in light of regrouping and maintaining my composure. There have been times where I have laid for a while, napped a while and admittingly- wallowed for a while. I’m curious though- My curiosity is related to: Pressure and stress : […]

Ebook or Hard Copy ink on paper?

DID you know?… According to a new report on book reading published by the Pew Research Center, not only did 73 percent of U.S. adults read a book in the past 12 months, but the vast majority did so using actual ink on paper. Compare the 65 percent of Americans who read a print book […]

Want Venture Capital? VC

Well you’d better look at what’s trending… Please note: Have your business plan ready for inspection and by all means WRITE your own business plan with the guidance of industry experts…don’t take short cuts. Understand the market and your competition Know who your clients/customers will be Understand market trends, how your company will trend in […]

So how is Apple’s Tim Cook performing?

I would say his performance is on point! The only thing the company lacks at this time is…’The Next Big Thing’. In my opinion, Apple needed the rest in light of gearing up for that next big ‘it’ thing- innovation. People were growing weary of generational products e.g. iPhone, iPhone (all numbers) generations through 6plus. […]

Today’s Youth…original post 2016

Keep your eyes on our nation’s Youth and Abysmal Unemployment Rates The simple truth is Unemployment Rates matter a great deal. Currently, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics-Youth ages 16-24 year olds Youth Unemployment is: 11.5% with an employment population ration of 53.2%- July 2016 Just a year earlier the national unemployment rate was […]

Who does this? – Flint Michigan Water Crisis

I took this picture while visiting Flint Michigan Earlier this year 2016. According to the Associated Press: APRIL 2014: In an effort to save money, Flint begins drawing its water from the Flint River instead of relying on water from Detroit. The move is considered temporary while the city waits to connect to a new […]