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Business politics and commerce

When we think of the ongoing trade war between the US and China what comes to mind? For some its tariffs, higher prices, and economic slowdown. For others it’s a long game betting on which economy backs down first. When it comes to the trade war the lenses in which you see can be obstructed […]

The world’s factory

China is often referred to as the world’s factory due to its overwhelming presence in manufacturing.  In 2011 it superseded the US in factory production ending a 110-year streak and they hasn’t stopped there in 2017 China accounted for nearly 50% of global manufacturing output. Needless to say, the country lives up to its title, […]

Hong Kong When Business and politics Collide

Hong Kong is one of the great finance cities of the world. Known for banking, It stands as a focal point for regional business in the east Asia arena and attracts capital and investors globally. Hong Kong’s history has played a vital role in shaping the successful business culture it has today but that same […]

Signs of the times

     Recently, we saw for the first time since 2008 an inversion of the yield cure for long term bonds. A yield curve inversion is when the returns for a long-term bond like the 10 year treasury bond see lower rates than another shorter bond like the 3 month bond or the 1 year bonds. […]

Lessons in leadership

Today I write from my leadership standpoint. I run two organizations that are at times overwhelming. As such, I’ve made a deliberate decision to swim through the murky waters until I reach the shore- then take a well deserved bath. Today, I will not be defeated! “You may encounter many defeats but you must not be […]

Health is vital to success.

Recently, it was reported that three things are vitally important to our health and I believe can attribute to great success in some challenging endeavors. They are: Laugh often- Listen, I get really silly sometimes (heck-I crack myself up sometimes, which may not be good). It (laughter) just makes life easier for me. I don’t […]

Our Global Youth…

Let’s define Youth: youth- dictionary.com   1. the condition of being young. 2. the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of one who is young. 3. the time of being young; early life: His youth was spent on the farm. 4. the period of life from puberty to the attainment of full growth; adolescence. I work […]

Youth Ambassadors and Global Youth Forums

  Our firm regularly hosts Global Youth Forums. Some forums we have represented in the past included: A Big Ten University A Historical Black University (HBCU) Corporate Global Business Forum- Youth Think Tank Community Youth Business Forum- Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit This year we will truly go GLOBAL. We will host a Forum in Switzerland […]

Why MANUFACTURING in the States is imperative

While I’d like to think manufacturing is a fiduciary (held in trust) duty of The United States relative to its people and growing our economy’s GDP- it seems as though profit has become associated with greed and all it’s moral implications. None the less the American Worker has been left holding the bag of poverty, […]