Why MANUFACTURING in the States is imperative

While I’d like to think manufacturing is a fiduciary (held in trust) duty of The United States relative to its people and growing our economy’s GDP- it seems as though profit has become associated with greed and all it’s moral implications. None the less the American Worker has been left holding the bag of poverty, disenfranchisement and our communities are in tatters.

Please understand, I care much more about folks making a decent income in exchange for a great skill and hard work than Greed beyond Gross Profit and all it moral baggage. When did it become fashionable for companies to disengage from their respective countries and help other people in other countries make it to the middle class?

Answer: Somewhere between the 1980’s-today’s 21st Century.

Some may say:

Fat Labor Unions played a part
Rising US Labor Costs
International Trade Agreements
Lack of Skill Set
Iknow and understand some or all may have played a part in the dynamic.

I believe the simple truth is:

It is easier to take advantage of penny wages versus dollar wages and profit at a greater margin.

It is easier to not have to deal with any UNION

and besides gross profit (which is what a company should do- PROFIT) gross Greed(is not good) took a hold of our Multi-National Corporate and Banking systems and became a dis-eased pandemic! It was the Wild Wild West- kill or be killed. Everyone that participates or have participated in Greed Schemes (metaphorically speaking) have/had become amoral THUGS.

The bottom line is many communities in the US suffered and widespread use of alcohol, drugs and crime rose exponentially.

The truth-

After-which, corporations, politicians and lobbyists pounced on the media to highlight said problems of alcohol, drugs and crime as the primary problem plaguing the US. All in an effort to keep the spotlight off their egregious behavior of Greed and amoral behavior.

Remember ENRON and WorldCom?
How about Bernie Madoff
How about XEROX cooking the books?

Hmmmm…Where are they now?- In jail, struggling or dead.

I full well realize the goal of any corporation or company is to Profit.
I run a company and I believe in free enterprise and profit. I believe in the Capitalist system and democracy and I love my country. I especially understand and acknowledge- if a company does not profit, it will soon cease to exist. However, the corporation or company has a Fiduciary responsibility to not only it’s good employees that perform value add tasks for said company or corporation but there is an inherent fiduciary responsibility to the very country that facilitates and helps grow the profit. For example in layman’s terms- Cornell law states:

Fiduciary Duty
A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care. The person who has a fiduciary duty is called the fiduciary, and the person to whom he owes the duty, is typically referred to as the principal or the beneficiary. If an individual breaches the fiduciary duties, he or she would need to account for the ill-gotten profit. His or her beneficiaries are entitled to damages, even if they suffered no harm.

Fiduciary duties exist to encourage specialization and induce people to enter into a fiduciary relationship. By imposing these duties, the law reduces the risk of abuse of a beneficiary by the fiduciary. As a result, potential beneficiaries can have greater confidence in seeking out a fiduciary.

Thus, workers here in the US (relative to manufacturing) are READY to forgive and give the best they’ve got to Manufacturers who are wiling to come back or start manufacturing on US soil again.

I have long researched (over 6years now) the feasibility and scales of economy to know, It- Manufacturing here in the US is possible. Don’t let us get caught unprepared as Manufacturers from other countries figure this out and make us look REALLY Bad economically. Our GDP must continue to grow.

Remember Japanese technology in the copier, computer and television space in the 1990’s? It took the US a long time to recover from that disaster if we have at all. If manufacturers from other countries come here to manufacture, why are US manufacturers not doing so? And don’t dare say it is lack of skill. One can no longer use that excuse.


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