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venture capital

Well you’d better look at what’s trending…

Please note:

Have your business plan ready for inspection and by all means WRITE your own business plan with the guidance of industry experts…don’t take short cuts.
Understand the market and your competition
Know who your clients/customers will be
Understand market trends, how your company will trend in the market place and be able to forecast your numbers…
Have a Clear and Concise EXIT Strategy
Know when and how to take risks and how to properly mitigate your risks
Have a communication strategy

This is what you are expected to know (confidently) when seeking or dealing with a VC.

VC’s are not in business to Lose money and they aren’t into liking people personally albeit you have to be able to get in the door and not be a jerk!

#1 Goal of VC= ROI in the timeframe they project.

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So how is Apple’s Tim Cook performing?

apple share

I would say his performance is on point!

The only thing the company lacks at this time is…’The Next Big Thing’.
In my opinion, Apple needed the rest in light of gearing up for that next big ‘it’ thing- innovation.

People were growing weary of generational products e.g. iPhone, iPhone (all numbers) generations through 6plus.
Apple was smart to let Samsung take the lead and have people grow weary until they introduced the next ‘It’ thing. I probably can say with more than 55% confidence it won’t be an iPhone.

Let’s be clear, Apple is no Blackberry!tim cook

The Apple Company has lots more Innovation in them.

If I were a betting girl, I’d put money on APPLE.
In fact, I just became a new user…a real convert.
The ease of use and freshness in look made me a believer!

Cheers to Tim Cook and APPLE!

All my best,

So, what happens after one graduates from tertiary education ?

europes tertiary graduates

Looks like higher education pays off in most countries in the EU, especially Germany. Germany is one of the most successful industrialized countries in all of Europe! I do hope it catches on in the States soon.
Post tertiary degrees are seemingly undervalued in the States these days.

Additionally, those in diverse settings are receiving a ‘whole other’ tertiary education that forces potential candidates for employment to Innovate and be Creative in extraordinary ways- In short: It pays to take a look at candidates from underserved areas as well.

Come on…we are missing the boat on valued skill set(s)! We are looking in all the wrong places and achieving the same results- flat employees.

Think out of the box and put a task force together to find the ‘whole other’ tertiary educatees and formally trained tertiary candidates.

Innovate! Innovate!

Cheers to success,

Today’s Youth…original post 2016

Keep your eyes on our nation’s Youth and Abysmal Unemployment Rates

The simple truth is Unemployment Rates matter a great deal. Currently, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics-Youth ages 16-24 year olds

Youth Unemployment is:
11.5% with an employment population ration of 53.2%- July 2016
Just a year earlier the national unemployment rate was 12.2% and in 2009/2010 the rate teetered around 19-20%!
A good unemployment rate is 5-6%.
The statistical exchange between labor bureaus and consultative agencies pool and pull data that is relevant to statistical norms, standards and deviations.


That said, when discourse takes place relative to manipulations of unemployment numbers- I tend to fact check the numbers. More often than not naysayers are incorrect in their opinions of numbers manipulation games.
Further, in disenfranchised and underserved areas the unemployment rates are as high as 53%! More often than not, people of color are disproportionately affected. One can be a bit more certain of numbers by driving the streets in underserved areas. One can gain clarity of the high unemployment rates in a literal sense.

Let’s be clear:
Unemployment is not a joking matter nor should the raw data be construed as a statistical manipulation or joke.
Those who are actively seeking work and cannot find gainful employment are in uncomfortable situations and circumstances.
The Youth population –especially millennials are looking for gainful employment that will pay a wage and hopefully ignite their passion and or skill set.

Often times what becomes paramount to youth is having a pay check to be used for living expenses and purchasing goods and services relevant to their lifestyles. Thus, millennials will take a job that is available in the markets versus matching skill set or passion to said job in order to live their lives.

There are many unfortunate circumstances that impact underserved areas high unemployment rates- some of which include discrimination, corporations abandoning areas, lack of job opportunity and lack of access to areas where jobs exist and high crime rates. It is difficult to mitigate a company’s high risk and liability relative to crime in said areas. However, with ‘right fit’ partnerships in the public and private sectors and proper programming; unemployment can be curtailed to a number on par with the national trend-given a good national trend rate.

Getting to know today’s youth

For the most part, today’s youth are pretty simple. I have found through many conversations and youth forums and summits:
Today’s youth are more alike than different. They listen to a good cross section of music, they are open to having associates and friends that cross cultural differences, they are actively engaged in technology, and they consume information in diverse formats.

Youth don’t like formal anything including but not limited to suits, shirts and ties
Youth like free time that is unencumbered from bureaucracy
Youth find confining rigid atmospheres off-putting
Youth especially like being heard
Youth are innovative and creative
Youth will work hard for organizations that are inclusive, diverse and smaller in size and scope
However, youth will take a job in a mundane environment until something better comes along- which could be a start up with less pay.

Today’s youth are very smart (hyper intelligent), engaged and very innovative.

Note to large corporations as it relates to company culture and dated hiring practices:
This isn’t your great grandfather’s company anymore. The old company had an exclusionary dynamic where the culture was- do as I say- shut up and go home. Youth will do as they are told but if the culture is not a good fit, the talent will leave with haste. What’s sad?- said company and leadership will have missed developing the next big ‘it thing’ because of layers of dated policy and lack of reform embedded so deep within said organizations. Thus, it is a wise decision to be in tuned and pay attention to today’s millennial generation and create inclusionary policy.
I would further implore said companies to start hiring folks that don’t all look like you. In doing so- you will find some of the brightest people on the planet as valuable net add assets (valuable human capital). I especially implore you to look at youth in underserved areas who constantly have to think out of the box and are forced to assimilate across cultures in order to survive. Further, they are willing to work in environments of inclusion that are outside of their norm.

At the end of the day
Most everyone including youth that have been written off dysfunctional, irrational, inhuman beings want to live dignified lives where a wage of pay is earned and they can exchange said pay for a lot of savings, and other goods and services that make life and living worthwhile. If you do not believe me, arrange a panel discussion and interview them.
There is something to be said for second chances.

For more information contact:
Chatman Lewis Flaggs Enterprises
or The Economic Growth Initiative-EGI

Thank you for staying engaged.
All my best,