Surprising Discovery

Surprising Discovery?!

Globalization? Much to my surprise; it has been recently brought to my attention there are naysayers to the fact of Globalization and its reality. Could it be, the people who disincline to Globalization also disincline to Climate Change and Global Warming or are they confusing the terms?

I digress.

GLOBALIZATION simply put is: The interconnectivity of the world markets as it relates to economic, financial, trade, and communications integration.


What is there not to believe?

Our clothing is made elsewhere, usually across the pond (so to speak).
Widgets that go into our most treasured technology is made everywhere and assembled everywhere then sold everywhere throughout the GLOBE.
Your hairbrush or toothbrush is probably made in another country.

Or How About;

We borrow money and stash money all over the GLOBE- including our Governments.
We participate in Global Athletic Competitions (The OLYMPICS) and Capitalize on anything that is globally advertised not to exclude trading companies, banks, apparel, food and beverage etc. Then we create accounts engaging and participating in a particular trade and arrange export and import of said product, good or service (TRADING Commerce)- Usually through ‘The Internet of Things’ which is Global.

Again~ what is there NOT to BELIEVE?

The greater issue is: People who are naysayers to the FACT that Globalization exists, generally are averse to CHANGE and that is sad because CHANGE is INEVITABLE. How we respond to Change is the issue that becomes paramount.

When Naysayers get stuck in their resistance to change, Governments can literally stagnate. If you ask any Economist~ they will tell you, no good usually comes of stagnation. Stagnation is a major sticking point.

Suggestion: Be objective and consume as much information as you can (from various sources). Information consumption is one of the best tools to building a well thought out intelligent community at large. No matter if it is a Local Village, Federal or State Government, Neighborhood, Business or Individual. Please be intent on becoming or remaining a Well Informed Person (WIP). Do it for the Greater good. Globalization is for real and the impact of Globalization is profound. We are all connected.
All the best,