Manufacturing is not what it used to be.

New and Progressive Manufacturing plants are Tech Savvy, Bold, Innovative, Creative and Mega Job Creators!

The New Manufacturing business models respect diverse talent and are constantly seeking workers with great skill set and work ethic.

Manufacturing is one Industry Segment that is growing and has room to grow our economies GDP substantially.



Service and Relationship

service mlk

Being of Service is one of the greatest gifts given and received. Being of service is relationship driven.

Typically, when we think of service and relationship to one another we forget one of the root words ~ ‘relation’ or the latin root version = relationem. Thus, in relation to or relative to humanity ~ We ‘Rise Up’ to a greater Humanity when we are united in service to one another. We are made better when we serve one another and we connect gaps for those who could not see or do not have access to the basic needs in this world.

Albeit, I ache and tire like the rest of us and I get discouraged (at times) like the most of us. But I have decided to ‘Rise Up’ and try again and again….and again and again to resolve and reconciliation.

What I know is:

We have each other in the here and now. Thus, in spite of our differences we should reach out and …Reconcile to a greater resolve.

‘Rise Up’ ~ Andra Day

I hope you enjoy this new artist from Spokane WA who had the clear insight to perform the bold lyrics in a wonderful melody.

All my best,