Choosing to live through your works.


I’ve always been a bit of a pioneer and trailblazer. Some people get me and it and others just don’t. My vision is one that is imbedded in INTEGRITY and Service to others. I am here to create opportunity and to create and connect paths of ACCESS and Resource to those who are disenfranchised and have been excluded from system(s) and estranged from their own communities.

What is important ~

Knowing how to shut out the noise and focus.

When I focus to the extent that my head and heart are aligned with motives that are impugned with INTEGRITY ~ I am made better.

When I am made better, my works go forward as they should in service.

What I know ~

Life is about service and less about me.

Life is to be lived.

Life is about LOVE.

Life is to be embraced with a Love and a fortitude to plow through all the nuances and impediments that are deliberate in push back.

I have come to know life in a profound way. A way that has pulled the cover off of many a pig masquerading as ‘good and honest’. After you’ve seen this character up close and personal choose your work(s) each and every time and move in a straight path Forward.

I have also come to know that having a good and healthy Attitude is Paramount when striving to be of Service to others. If you are character building (as we all are)~ please know, you are not alone. And please understand Adversity and Trials are part of the process. What is most important is to realize; if you want to make a change for the better in this world- Stay the course and stay your path to goodness and greatness. In doing so, You can make the world a better place!

All my best,

What Amazes Me About Washington D.C.?

What Amazes Me About Washington D.C.?

First, I must say Washington D.C. is one of the most aesthetically beautiful cities in the United States of America. Not long ago, D.C. was an incredible eye sore. Back in the 1980’s I trained in nearby Leesburg VA. and we (our training group) would go into the city on the weekends seeking entertainment. I was mortified in what we found. Gross magnitude of homelessness just steps away from the nation’s capital. The homes were in ruin and crime was rampant. In short, I asked myself~ how could this be?

Today, D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit. There is a great energy. The city is diverse and well kept. Additionally, the sightseeing venues and museums are almost all FREE. Among my favorites is the Smithsonian and The Lincoln Memorial (viewing and taking it all in at night is a special treat). My favorites never get old. What I especially love is; when dining out the people are demographically diverse. Not only are the people familiar with different areas of the country but they welcome conversation about their experiences. They are old, they are young, they come from different ethnic backgrounds, and they ‘the people’ are highly educated. That education could be from the school of hard knocks to a rocket scientist or an educator or an attorney, legislator, lobbyist, grocery store clerk or café barista. And that education is what makes it all work together for a greater good.

Speaking of education: There are numerous diverse universities in a somewhat densely populated D.C. area. Universities like Howard U (A historical Black College), Georgetown University, American University, George Mason University, George Washington University and many others. What a selection and all are excellent.
Did you know the beautiful cherry trees were planted by the numbers and a part of The Japanese bringing them over as a gift? Did you know Senators used to live in boarding houses with no running water? Did you know there are private subways for capital staff? Did you know that holding a D.C. internship may seem glamorous and there usually is no compensation for it…at all? All in all the Nation’s Capital is an amazing place to visit and recollect the Nation’s History. The tapestry is rich and ever changing. Such as life.

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Game Changers

game changers

Game Changers are not challenged by the status quo. There is something inherently unique and independent as to their motivation and drive.
Their drive and laser focus is what keeps them going.
Game Changers create a MOMENTUM.

Game Changers listen to the voice of vision and growth. They do not entertain naysay speak masquerading as the voice of reason.

Game Changers do not try and be like others to fit. They stay the course through peaks and valleys.

Game Changers are EXCEPTIONS to the RULE!

Are you a Game Changer?

If you are; continue to build a better world with a bright and positive future for all of Mankind.

All The Best,

Disparity in Median Household Income

Median Household Incomes:


African American 37/35 – Decrease

Hispanic 41/42 – Slight Increase

White 57/60 – Increase

Asian 69/74 – Substantial Increase

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Suggestions or comments as to why there is such a gap in disparity?

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Immigration and Refugees

I am so very in awe of the predictability of the worlds immigration crisis and the lack of preparation.
Just this week President Obama stated that The US would absorb 10,000 refugees. However, Europe is absorbing masses in droves. They are trying to divvy the millions and are pressed to capacity in doing sorefugees_635x250_1442080171.

War torn countries are in extreme chaos and disenfranchisement has run rampant. It is my hope that a greater civility, humanity and smart immigration policy can be constructed for a greater good.

All my best,


Information Consumption and Communication


Information Consumption and Communication

Sep 8, 20155 views

FYI ~ I found this info graphic at examples; and thought it to be a very good one. At the very least it catches attention and the information is well researched. Now, I’ll digress from wedding rings and diamonds and move on to Information Consumption and Communication.

In this day of vast information on any and every subject matter; I am taken aback as to how ‘uneducated’ (relative to information consumption) we have become. Moreover, we are communicating information to the masses and in our communities that is half true, not true and partially researched. The sad part of all this? – leaders in communities and other ill informed people spread the information as though its the gospel truth and momentum peaks in said community.

While the internet is the new encyclopedia and ‘go to’ source for information, ‘The Internet of Everything’ where as one can search a plethora of subjects and topics~ is underused in Rural and Urban communities at large. This may have something to do with Rural users not having access to sufficient broadband systems and the urban and rural poor may not be able to afford computers and or have access to the internet.

According to PEW, “Internet Usage Statistics
277,436,130 Internet users as of Mar/14, 87.0% of the population, according to PEW.
This pretty much falls in line with 13% of the general population of 321.7 million people as of 7/2015= 41.7 million people who do not have internet or access to computers. Even if we exclude babies and toddlers under the age of 3 years old- that’s a lot of people who aren’t learning in a normal capacity. And yes, ‘The Internet of Everything’ is the new normal. Further, as the population continues to grow at approximately 63 people per every 13 minutes- one can see how problematic this can be in the future. That is to say, the wealthy and the middle class (who are able to afford and have access to the internet) are not the only ones who are adding to the fertility rates. The rural, poor rural and disenfranchised urban communities are continuing to add substantially to the current population.

That said, the result of not having access to the internet or better yet- not seeking access (such as at the local library) is: People are ill informed. If there is not a vehicle to information or a choice to the access of information or if here is an unwillingness to gather information- people are limited in what they know. Sad but true.

I attended a Leadership Summit back in 2014 and a CEO of a triple digit multi-billion dollar fortune 100 company implied that his parents think in one direction and they rely on one major television and radio show network to supply them with their information on world news and current events.

The result: People lack knowledge of the ‘wholeness of information’ overall. The reality of information and its flow tends to be stifled due to lack of access or the inability and unwillingness to seek diverse information through different information outlets (especially the internet). Diverse information systems are paramount when seeking knowledge. example: a student cannot put together a read worthy report without citing several legitimate sources- and most educators will not accept one directional information sourcing. The same should hold true to knowledge seekers and information gatherers.

By and large people don’t like change. Some people have a tendency to get ‘stuck’ in their way of thinking and behavioral patterns- thus they stagnate.

The result: Ignorance and Intolerance. Some people stay so closely knit to their local environments- they actually become their local community and they become their own information sources (I’d say- that’s a bit cult like). That’s got to be a lonely existence and or self righteous to the extent it becomes abnormal. Right or wrong, good or bad. These people simply stop growing.This is happening to a large degree (by the millions) and it is impacting everything from Education to Politics.

While the landscape has certainly changed over the years and ‘the internet of everything’ is on super charge, I figure the least we can do is stay objectively informed.

As a witty business colleague put it, “People are LAZY in their information consumption.” ~ FL

And I agree.

I hope you encourage the people around you to be WIP’s (Well Informed Persons), seek information and consume it to the extent that fact checking and diverse information gathering is the norm.

If you or your company is unsure as to how to go about information seeking (research) or where to begin-

Contact us at:

We will help you nail your facts, uncover disconnects and identify and close gaps. At the very least we will welcome you to the firms Global Panel Discussions and Global Business Forums that should broaden your horizon(s) and you will gain insight and be able to add value to current information systems in and around your communities.

Adding value is what it is all about. To add value, you must stay informed!

Until next time ~ Encourage everyone around you to be a WIP!

All my best,

The Market (S&P) Bull and Bear…Market Correction

bull market bear market

So what does S&P stand for anyway?

Standard and Poor which is a US statistical rating organization by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

What is a market correction?

A market correction takes place in a Bull Market which experiences 15-20% drop in markets that have typically been on an uptrend.

Markets regain confidence and a reverse course starts over.

A BEAR market is a long term down trend that causes market pandemonium.

Thus, what the US market(s) is experiencing: Market Correction

No need to panic and pull out.

One should Diversify but NOT pull out.

Due to the world markets and China’s economy taking a plunge in recent weeks ~ it has impacted the global markets temporarily.

Goes to my static point:

Globalization: The interconnectivity of the World Markets
…is here to stay.

If your company is not ready for global shifts and negative impacts contact us @ to understand more.

All the best,

So what is this thing called ‘The Cloud’ ?


‘The Cloud’

The Cloud is a new name for grid computing or software as a service. The CLOUD maintains relation between your data, network servers, the internet, the globe ~ via relational code, analytics with Super Storage Capacity.

This new Super Storage Capacity has replaced traditional storage archives such as physical (paper) storage, CD drives, jump drives and typical mainframe storage. As it were, typical static storage has been and is being replaced with Dynamic Archives. In switching to a Cloud based service, the client will have to ready the company for many changes in which there can be many hiccups along the way. Moreover, the client should keep a careful watch over all of its data and maintain high levels of security and backup everything to a traditional reliable source that should be on surveillance lock down.

The CLOUD is Super Computing on a very high technological level. It is not difficult to understand; it’s more arduous as it relates to vetting a reliable, reputable and responsible company to entrust confidential data, trade secrets and intellectual property to.

There are many fine companies out there. Please ensure you are working with a knowledgeable sales team that stands on honesty and integrity.

All the best,


Overcoming DISPARITY

One word.


Be an income generator and a Job Creator.

You Can.

All my best,