A Proper Business Plan

Why your business plan must be solid.
business plan

1. Your idea is valuable
2. Your time is worth money
3. Your team is counting on you
4. The market needs you (growth initiatives)
5. You are in business to be Profitable
6. Success

Make sure your road map to success is a Clear Concise Financially Sound BUSINESS PLAN

That Plan should be a vehicle to your company’s success. It should be clear, concise, doable, have stretch goals, create value, depict and prove innovation toward market growth initiatives and make sure you clearly define the value you are bringing to the market and how your product/service or good will compete in the marketplace. Moreover your business plan must include Marketing and Communication strategies to the extent of creating HYPE and generating revenue/ profit.

Remember,…in general (consumers)
“People line up for what they want and strive to get what they desire but do not have..”- BCL

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