Blake M. Kian – Knocks this Novel out the park… ‘As Life Would Have It.’

As Life Would Have It.


Blake Marie Kian has written a phenomenal book and knocked it out of the park! This book is about Three Women and their journeys with their Men. The book is a must read for 30-60 something’s. If you have ever contemplated…or done…or dared to engage in a challenging relationship where you felt sensual, almost erotic or at least have wanted to be a bit more attractive and attended to by your significant other – this book is a page turner!

Never texted or sexted? Welcome to Olivia’s world. Addiction? Maybe? Heart felt? – Yes

Let’s just say Sandi is in Control.

Jannie is seeking and finds.

Find out what it is like to engage in an emotional space that seems ethereal and surreal all in one and then (literally) be taught how to breathe.

Travel to California.
Travel to Chicago.
Travel to Michigan.
Travel to France- Paris/Provence.

You will laugh out loud, cry, warn a friend or run for the hills! I can almost promise you will connect on some level. You will either ponder what it’s like or draw parity. None the less, you will learn how to come home (get your ‘Happy’ on) and HEAL.
Enjoy the Journeys of these remarkable Women and Men!

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Political Discourse

Political Discourse

succesful execs

Whether one is currently serving the public, holding a public office or running to challenge an incumbent to unseat him/her, the end goal is the same. That goal is to serve the public in accordance to the United States Constitution and to uphold the State Constitution in which service is being rendered.

The problem:

Strategic Intent and the Misuse of Power
Due to my career as a Business Strategist and Managing Partner of a boutique firm, I understand competition, strategy and strategic intent very well. Let me begin by clarifying what competition is. Competition is when two or more parties engage in a contest of sorts to win a prize. As it relates to politics that prize is usually a non-tangible that has tangible relations. The tangible relationship of gaining access to public office has direct ties to a physical office and monetary compensation. The pay is commensurate for federal positions such as The House of Representatives. As of 2010 the annual salary of a house member is $174,000.00. Speaker leaders are compensated at higher rates. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases take place annually and The House can vote to not accept the increase. Outside pay is limited to 15% of Congressional pay. Certain types of income that involve fiduciary responsibility or personal endorsement are prohibited.

As it specifically relates to Strategic Intent:

When the US Constitution was ratified in 1789, the Constitution became the supreme law of the land and was implemented by a large body of Constitutional Law. The purpose of the Constitution was to replace the Articles of Confederation (1777) and have a sovereign document that would guide the Nation to make sound decisions with the enforcement of powers which included making modifications to the articles requiring approval from elected members of the branches of the newly formed government. All this was done in an effort to protect the United States of America from other countries control of the newly formed United States and to guide with high moral regard.

Today we see a collective new tapestry being woven by some elected officials that lack the fundamentals in interpreting the Constitution and its Strategic Intent. Further, the elected officials have become encumbered with myopic points of views that lead to making callous decisions for “the people”. As such, basic goals of the US Constitution become negated and essential progress that would otherwise benefit “the people” is slow, dysfunctional, cavalier and often times non-existent. Basic essential reform such as immigration, health care and equal pay for equal work or securing our borders become bogged down by partisan public servants in light of moving party agenda’s forward or individual agenda’s forward. That is not and was never the intent of The US Constitution. But it goes to show, when motives are not impugned with integrity- a nation cannot move forward and impact the changing and ever evolving globe.

As it relates to the blatant Misuse of Power

I have always been a fearless trailblazer. I am not a wild cowboy that hunts prey. I am one who is not afraid to make a new track through a wild country. However, I have a profound respect for a document that founded this United States of America and set us Americans on a course to a great democracy (The US Constitution). Thus, the public servants that hold office or who run for office should bear in mind “the people” and work towards a greater good of protecting the people and the rights of the people, defending our country from imminent threats, protect our safety nets that were created “for the people” (with continual monitoring) while remaining diligent and fiscally responsible, and encourage and promote innovation with proper incentives in light of enhancing the United States economic GDP and other such paramount economic growth incentives.

Unfortunately, Personal Gain and Greed is running rampant throughout the legislative body of The House and it is lacking decorum. It is for this very reason that carrying out personal agendas have become the rule in lieu of the exception to the rule. Thus, many of the 535 club members (elected ‘honorable’ house officials) have put our country at risk and hinder progress as a functional Nation due to Dysfunctional myopic discourse. This blatant misuse of power has to stop.
I am calling on each member of Congress (and there are some fine upholding Members of the House) to do their jobs as Public Servants and earn their keep. It is “we the people” they forget.
Isn’t that what the Constitution is all about?
We The People in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Let’s work toward a greater Good.

All the Best,