Consumers and the Client


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What do consumers really want?

Do they want the product or do they want you? When you are selling the product in person there are several factors that include a consumers purchase. Some of the wants and needs are directly related to consumer psychographics. Inside the psychographics are metrics and outliers such as;

Your tone of voice…is it too squeaky…too deep? Are you enthusiastic?

Your facial expressions and demeanor…

Your physical presentation (what’s up with your hair)is it combed or is it messy, are your clothes neat, clean and presentable…do you fit the package?

Are you enthusiastic and are you connecting as a human being or a robot?

Do you sound like a telemarketer when you are talking to a gatekeeper or decision maker?

Can one detect script in your voice when being spoken to?

Are you an actual visual representation of what the consumer wants?

Because…everyone is selling the same chocolate… It pretty much boils down to; DO I Like YOU?

Is it wrong to judge off of appearance? Probably, but as one of the most valued assists we have, that being time; if you’re wasting mine by being a “robotic salesman or saleswoman”, what makes you think I want to invest in your company and even further…YOU?!

If my interpretations and perceptions lead me to believe you are wasting my time, then goodbye and have a nice day!
Successful business encounters begin with your polished presentation. The presentation will set the course for your above par status in the business world. Be ready. Be enthusiastic. Be polite. Don’t be a robot and be polished-prepared!

I had to wear a suit my first day as an intern. I desperately wanted to rock a pair of jeans and a button down.

When I walked in the office looking and feeling prepared, our clients thought I was a seasoned employee and we engaged in active meaningful dialogue.
The feedback was empowering. I now have the confidence to set appointments and meet with clients on my own without fear, canned robotic speech…and actually add value to their agenda and the firm’s agenda.

Try it…it worked for me!

succesful execsBest-Evan

Hot Market…Bull or Bear?

Stock Market and Dubai


Recently I read about Dubai’s stock market troubles in Bloomberg News and the report brought some interesting facts to the surface.

In the news article, it was reported that, “Shares in the stock exchange fell 6.7 percent, to 4,009.01, leaving them down 25 percent from their May peak”. Those are staggering numbers. And it is rather eye popping to see that numerical figure dwindle.

Much of the blame is veered toward the housing market’s fluctuations. According to Reuters, “the real estate deals in Dubai has been increased from 38 percent in the first quarter to 61 billion dirhams ($16.6 billion)”.

It is common knowledge that Dubai is one of the most affluent emirates in the UAE; and its rise to power as one of the wealthiest has become the fastest the world has ever seen, but they cannot afford another blunder economically. As a result their government has put a “cap” on their mortgages on second homes as well as many invested properties. Amidst all of the bad news, the emirate’s Land Department is not panicking. Bloomberg news reports that, the land department insists, “the housing market is broadly healthy”.

Is it too soon to judge?