The Economy and Global Markets

Know your markets. Read…stay informed…be a WIP (well informed person).

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The Economy

Did you know?

When Interest rates are higher, unemployment is usually lower and inflation is balanced and often times lower.
Thus, High unemployment= low interest rates and higher inflation
Low unemployment= higher interest rates and low inflation

The goal is to increase spending in any economy and increase employment opportunities. Additionally, as GDP increases per capita incomes should increase. However in some economies the per capita incomes remain stagnant as GDP rises. This is indicative of Government Intervention and or Political Discourse.


People perspective paradigm shift…

There are two quotes that I love (below). The quotes will actually help to shift your paradigm and give you greater perspective on People and Life. Thus, as you keep on improving you and building great networks try and recall the wisdom from the famed author, activist and humanitarian Maya Angelou

Here you go…

“When people show you who they are the first time, believe them” – Maya Angelou

…more important Enjoy Life it can be BEAUTIFUL.
Be a vessel and let your light shine regardless.
You are uniquely you.

Love and All the Best,


Hey… build your team to be:

Fearless Innovators
Committed to being ALL IN
Go hard
In the know

In alignment with your Strategic Intent, Goals and ultimately hit the Growth targets and all growth initiatives.
Think Metrics, Algorithms, Inspiration and Sales/Marketing Communications.

As my son would say… “Oh go get ’em!”
Cheers to you…

All the Best,