There is light in your tunnel!
This pic has significant meaning. I took this photograph in Switzerland while traveling to catch a train to another country.

There is something to be said about life’s journey(s).

The significant interpretation:

Follow the path that is lit.

On your way, take a break if you must…there’s a bench for rest. Find it.

The light will guide you. Look up.

Be conscious of your surroundings and look forward.

See the Light at the end of the tunnel?

Thought you would…
It’s going to be fine.
It’s already alright…little did you know.

All the best,



So what is all the talk about Bitcoin and what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital exchange between cash and Bitcoin conversion (digital money).
The new innovation was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. A detailed white paper is attached

The Bitcoin conversion works like this;
Install a Bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile phone and follow the instructions. I have attached the process (in which I am not endorsing in any way)

The new Bitcoin innovation was coined (no pun intended) to:
1. Be a fast, easy, cost effective and efficient way to exchange currency or purchase goods and or services on a global level

2. Provide better protections for the consumer, supplier, or merchant of the Bitcoin(s) unlike traditional credit cards and traditional bank accounts- Military grade cryptography

3. Speed up (be faster) than traditional means of transferring money into domestic and international accounts
e.g. Country to country- peer to peer 10 minutes

4. No fees or minimal fees (less than traditional means)

All of this sounds good to me and with the current exchange rates peering from countries that have low exchanges to those that have high exchanges, it seems ingenious to me.


As of late, Bitcoin has experienced some negative press

In the news:

The Bitcoin Bad News Round-up-Kashmir Hill
The Bitcoin Rat The “perennial volatility” swings that you mention are in reality simply due to its current limited uptake / small amount of merchants/business taking bitc […] Mark Rogowsky, ContributorIt’s not really clear how merchant adoption will dampen volatility. Most merchants will wisely seek to get their bitcoin converted to local currencies inst […]
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Bad Bitcoin
Bitcoin is having a rough week, resulting in a drop in its value and in-fighting among its earliest adopters. How bad is the news? Here’s the latest:
1. The biggest problem Bitcoin faces comes from what was once its largest exchange: Tokyo-based Mt. Gox. Last week, the third-largest exchange in the world ceased allowing people to withdraw their Bitcoin citing “unusual activity.” On Monday, Mt. Gox said the reason was a problem with Bitcoin’s code which allowed people to fudge one transaction to make it look like two. The Reddit community was incensed by the former Magic card exchange blaming a Bitcoin problem that has been known about since 2011, saying it should have designed its code to circumvent it. The critics won, and headlines now blame errors in Mt.Gox’s software instead of Bitcoin itself. Competitors rushed in to say they did not have the same problem. Problem solved? “It does say something about the rough edges of the Bitcoin technology,” Princeton technologist Ed Felten tells the New York Times. And the rough edges of the Bitcoin business community. This may be the last nail in Mt. Gox’s coffin. Bitcoin news publication Coindesk has removed the exchange from its price index.
2. A recent Congressional report warned that Russia was skeptical of Bitcoin. This week, the world superpower confirmed that it’s not interested in participating in the virtual currency Olympics. Russia’s chief prosecutor said Bitcoin is illegal there, an even harsher stance than that taken by China. “The greatest fear Bitcoin owners should have is the politics of digital currencies,” wrote tech analyst Mark Anderson in a recent report on Bitcoin. “A nation, or group of nations, may decide to make Bitcoins illegal, or to restrict their trade, and suddenly: poof.”
3. The last piece of news tarnishing Bitcoin’s reputation: more arrests of people involved in the Bitcoin trade. No, not BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem. Florida law enforcement and the Secret Service charged three men last week for high-volume trading on, accusing them of violating state anti-money laundering laws. The three dudes all had public user accounts on the Bitcoin trading forum that outlined exactly how active they were; undercover agents approached them saying they needed to buy Bitcoins so that they could purchase stolen credit card information, and two of them allegedly fell for it, reports Bryan Krebs. Expect more such crackdowns on LocalBitcoin users, says security researcher Nicholas Weaver. “I’d expect many more state cases like this one because it will act to strangle the lifeblood of the online dark markets,” he says to Krebs.
From an investment and user perspective, the perennial problem is Bitcoin’s volatility. “Bitcoin has the volatility of hot C4 plastique sitting over an open flame,” says Strategic News Service’s Mark Anderson in his “Future of Bitcoin” report. “Its value moves faster than you can, and the size of these price moves makes heroin street pricing look like cotton on the commodities exchange.”
Of Course A Book About Bitcoin Should Be Sold For Bitcoin Kashmir Hill Forbes Staff

Bitcoin’s price moves this week, via Coindesk
Hat tip: Christoph Möller on Mt. Gox news.
The Forbes E-book On BitcoinSecret Money: Living on Bitcoin in the Real World, by Forbes staff writer Kashmir Hill, can be bought in Bitcoin or legal tender.

More bad press:

Now you decide…Do you BITCOIN?

Cultural Sensitivity Part II- Watermelon and Chicken! …humorous

Now Watermelon and Chicken– please humor me and Lol if you’d like

I write about this because it has humored me for years and I laugh really hard when people try and offend others with a fruit and a lean protein! Lol

Why is it taboo to serve Watermelon and Chicken at a company function and why do black people not eat it at a function if it is the main entrée?

Who gets offended by a fruit and a lean protein?! I never have and I never will (at least not in the context where it’s supposedly offensive). This is why; some people like watermelon, some like chicken, and some like both. I am one of those people that love watermelon.

It is incredibly refreshing, light and fun to eat on a hot summer day. I’ve also been introduced by my Mexican brother in-laws family to put a hint of lime on it and a pinch of salt. Oh my goodness, it seems to make the fruit sweeter and juicier! Most times, I just enjoy it cold and plain. So if one says I eat watermelon, I would have to agree in a pleasant way because I really like it.

So what’s up with black people and chicken? I guess chicken was more readily available post slavery whereas beef was a high priced commodity and unreachable from a cost stand point. Thus, black people had more access to chicken than beef. What is the big deal? Well, studies have shown that chicken is better for consumption than beef. So why is it bad when black people eat it? Again, I dismiss it because it’s silly and intended to make a class of people feel inferior…to what beef?… Really? Again I do not entertain any such notions. If it’s at a function and I like it or want it, I’ll eat it.
My dad’s family raised chickens and veggies on their farm in the south. My grandmother had a restaurant where she made (from what I’ve been told) incredible dishes and the best homemade root beer ever. My dad however, hated chicken and so did my brother. I am indifferent to chicken, it’s ok- I don’t like dark meat though, how ironic Lol!

Although this promises to be an incredible dish w/ Tangerine and Sage- 50 shades of chicken


I prefer fish, vegetables and fruits to beef or chicken. However, I eat soul food on Holidays and Sunday’s because it’s tradition and delicious.

And it goes a little something like this:

Greens- collards, turnips, mustards, kale or Green Beans w/ smoked meat or Black Eyed Peas
Mashed Potatoes, Dressing (stuffing) or Potato salad or Macaroni and Cheese
Chicken- sometimes baked, fried or chicken and dumplings (so freakin good)
Beef or Pork
Corn bread- I like hot water corn bread best! – made in a cast iron skillet OMG!!!
As an appetizer we sometimes have Fried Green Tomatoes or Fried Okra (OMG- insane)
Peach Cobbler or Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Pie or Chocolate or Coconut Cake, Sometimes Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Tea- I like unsweetened
A lot of teasing and joking around
Lots of fellowship and lots of drama

And guess what?

African American, Irish/ Italian, Italian, Mexican, and Swedish culture make up my family and we genuinely love each other …and we all eat Watermelon and Chicken!

That’s a lot of marrying in and out of culture
And some really cute kids! Lol
That’s Diversity almost as diverse as Watermelon and Chicken (There…I said it again)!!!!

Don’t let other people make you feel bad or Uber sensitive to your culture. Especially at company functions. Embrace what makes you different and share it with the world in a tactful proud way. It is You and your Culture that helps make this world go round.

For my uniqueness and culture- I make no apologies…and you shouldn’t either.
Live strong and dignified… and darn it eat Watermelon and Chicken if you like it!

All the Best,

Humor me on Cultural Sensitivity…

Humor me on the topic of Cultural Sensitivity.

Is it me or is there a cultural sensitivity awareness that has become heightened everywhere we go? How do we address and handle such issues especially in the workplace?

I can only give you feedback based on my personal experience.

As it pertains to Cultural Sensitivity:
I usually don’t care what is being said by ignorant people (those who truly lack knowledge). I disregard their statements because they are low informed and don’t know any better. Therefore it makes it easy for me to dismiss their statements.
I do care when mal intent is used to hurt people.
I posted my pic to introduce myself to you as a person who loves hard, works hard and lives hard. I am “in love” with Life and all its surrounds. I laugh out loud, I laugh at myself and I encourage love, life, laughter and passion in others. It just feels good. No more no less.

…thus, as you can clearly see… I am an African American, Black; I’ve never had an affinity to one title or the other, they are the same to me. So, I don’t offend when someone calls me Black even though African American is usually listed as one of the declarations of racial ethnicities on various forms- Just as Caucasian and White is used etc… I DO mind being called other names to define my race. And I will tactfully let one know when one has crossed the line.

As an example:
There was an instance and unfortunate situation that took place at a former place of employment.

The incident:
A Caucasian man (mid 60’s in age) approached me as I was assisting a mentee at an internal district meeting. District meetings were mandatory. In attendance; sales, service, finance, human resources and marketing business units. The business units are pooled together to announce award recognition, latest business and organizational updates. Typically there could be over 100 people in attendance.

As I was pulled away (on a break from the meeting) to offer advice to one of my mentees, this man approached me in a rude and matter of fact way. I was polite to him and asked if I could find him in a couple minutes to discuss his matter. My response was not sufficient for him. He stood inches from me utterly appalled that I would have him wait. – Backstory: this man had recently stepped down from the same position I had at the company and had taken a position that had less status than my job title. He had been with the company for a long time- 25 plus years.

The man stood there while no less than 15 people were in earshot, including my mentee and blurted out, “I usually don’t have a problem working with colored people”. My mentees expression was one of “fear”. As for me, I continued to help my mentee and I did not acknowledge the biased statement from the man and I pivoted slightly (in my elegant stiletto pumps) so that my back faced the man. He continued to stand there as I wrapped up my conversation with my mentee. After I finished my conversation, I turned and faced the man, looked him square in the eyes and said, what can I help you with?…all while smiling. I Do Not entertain ignorance or mal intended comments or people. He smiled as if he had won a superiority award and I smiled back- check mate. No one is superior, and this certainly was not a contest of sorts. This man lacked decorum and etiquette/ manners. Thus, I treated this incident as one of ignorance and I dismissed his comment. It was unworthy of a comment.

After the meeting, I socialized with many and left the meeting with no hard feelings. Just as I pulled away from the parking lot, I received no less than 5 calls on my office cell phone- back to back. One guy asked, “Did you hear what he said to you?” I replied, “what did you hear?”- He stated what I obviously heard and more than a dozen other folks. He also replied, you were so cool and collected, I was certain you had not heard. What are you going to do? I replied, I addressed the situation and I sincerely thanked him for his concern. The other comments were very similar and my response was the same. Again, I don’t entertain ignorance and I can be quite dismissive to those who engage in such behavior.
If you are ever in a situation that requires you to temper said similar situation; remember that a cool head prevails and decorum, etiquette and manners is priceless.

Always remember; People are inherently self-serving and fundamentally flawed (including you and me). People do not have to respect you or those around you, nor do they have to like you. Not to worry- generally these people are Low Informed People (I call them LIP’s). And LIP’s are a sad lot.

You should continue to have faith in humanity and be the best you can be.

Let your light shine and make a difference somewhere somehow.
Smile…you look better and it’s contagious!
Always seek perspective…
Try walking in the rain on a nice summer day- go ahead and get wet!
Listen to a bird sing or if you’re like me- sing off key and laugh because you sound ridiculous!
Slow down and learn how to breathe- Be “all in”.
Let others inspire you.
Inspire others.
Learn from others- seek wisdom
Learn to laugh at yourself.
Seek knowledge (fact check).
Know you are gifted to lead by example for a greater good.
…and never FLEX (boasting or believing you are better than others) to the extent you hurt people intentionally.

Remember how you got here or there…


Be better!

All the Best,

Know your Power

All is fair in Love, Like and War.
Just remember …

Hold on to that power and fight like a Pro.

If you are at war with yourself, with others in a relationship or at the workplace. Know your Power and please be mindful of your goals and by all means exercise decorum.

So why is knowing your power so important?
You own your power of self control and respect.

So why should one fight like a pro as it relates to power?
Because if you don’t, you give others power over you!

So what does it take?

It’s going to require:
Tenacity, Perseverance, Skill, Work Ethic, a bit of tenderness and Courage.

I dare you to fall in Love or Like with that which you are passionate about; A person, work, life.
I love and live life to the fullest extent that I can.
I am so in love with LIFE and all its surrounds.
I particularly like and genuinely love those who are equally passionate about the joys and simple pleasures in life.

I love those who depict the essence of life:
And Receiving…

Live your life and
Know your Power.
Use your Power for the greater good.

All the Best,



Well let’s start here:
Believing in your dreams and aspirations is admirable. Believing in people- not so much. Your dreams and aspirations should never be directly linked to other people. People are people (individual human beings- fundamentally flawed) at the end of the day and will individually or collectively do what is in their best interest. That best interest may not align with your values. Thus, it is generally not a good idea to vest your whole heart and head in people other than your parents, kids, spouse or significant others (and that can be a slippery slope). What is advisable; Hope. Replace belief with hope and your heart and head won’t hurt as much as it did when you whole headed and heartedly believed in people.

Belief in your dreams and aspirations requires Faith. Confidence. and Trust
Believing exhibits the qualities of courage and hope. Moreover, when you believe your faith is unleashed in a way that your dreams and aspirations gain traction in the universe. Faith is that thing that one stands on with firm conviction. You are better for having the quality of faith when you believe.

When you believe you are confident in your dreams and aspirations and the fruit they will bear. Confidence is that thing that exudes certainty, reliance and boldness. Additionally you would be hard pressed to back down from what you believe. A confident person has a certain poise, and certainty that makes them fearless. When you are a fearless believer, your dreams and aspirations are more apt to come to fruition.

A confident expectation that your dreams and aspirations will take place is; Trust. Believing requires a large degree of trust. The assurance and reliance on the very ideology in your belief system makes for a trusting and fulfilling relationship between Faith, Confidence and Trust.

When you believe with worthy motives that impugn integrity, the world is better. Continue to dream and inspire others to the extent that hope becomes an aspiration of all around you. In doing so, your light will shine as you continue to Believe.

All the Best,