Business and Show Biz?!

Business and Show Biz?

If one stays on top of her game, one will always be relevant…that is if you are good at your craft.
You cannot stay relevant if you produce a bad product.
Always practice the art of being better.
You will stagnate if you do not accept the fact that there is always someone waiting in the wings that is better than you.
You will be disappointed if life hands you a storm of adversity with whipped cream on top and all you see is the dessert…seriously…ITS ADVERSITY…A Storm!
You will be happy if you reach out while using your gift.
You should cry if you feel the urge to do so and you must Laugh out loud OFTEN.
You should try dancing in the rain.
You should sing in the shower…like a rock star or a gospel singer…sing with SOUL and PASSION.
You should look in the mirror before you go live and reaffirm how beautiful you were made and how much you have to offer…then smile from the heart and let your soul be LIFTED.
You should congratulate others.
You may live large if your work is that GOOD.
Be careful not to be defined by your STUFF.
In doing so, remember, you are only as Good as YOUR GIFT and you MUST appreciate where it came from…and if you share your gift for the greater good…you will be successful!
Business is likened to Show Biz and the World Is the STAGE.
Go out and PERFORM to the BEST of YOUR ABILITY.
All the Best,