The German job market…migration on…

Looks like there is a need for skilled workers in Germany!
While Germany is one of the more bustling economies in the European Union, Greece and Spain are falling at such a disadvantage.
Greek and Spaniards are flocking to Germany in light of a better way of life “JOBS”.
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I sure hope the world markets get stronger soon…
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Business Inspiration!

Be encouraged and don’t let fear and hope occupy the same space!
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Smart Thinking

It doesn’t take an Einstein genius type to solve a problem.
There are many people in the world that have a passion to solve a problem and are not considered genius (by IQ) standards.

For example:
James Dyson wanted to solve a problem with vacuum cleaners. It seemed to bug him that the components of typical vacuum cleaners were similar and they worked in similar fashion. Further, the suction in a typical vacuum cleaner was not sufficient (by his standards), so he set out to change how the components worked in light of making a better vacuum unit. He persisted and as a result has significant market share in that market space.

If you are not technically incline how about this…
Dr. King Jr. was passionate about civil rights.
He wanted to solve the problem of inequality of civility.
He set out to solve problems for the disenfranchised and those who had lost their voice.
He spoke about the problems and the civil rights movement began.
Today, the US constitution has been amended and ratified to include all people regardless of race, creed, color, religion, disability, gender etc…
and this World Wide Movement changed the dynamic of Civility forever…due to one mans passion to solve a problem.

How about a elementary school teacher and principal and who changed my life because of their passion…
Ms. Chang was my sixth grade teacher. She taught Math and Chinese language to a group of students who did not understand the Chinese culture beyond eating Chinese food. She taught us students discipline, control, and why Math is relevant. As a result she exposed me to another world (Chinese Culture and Language) and broadened my horizon of how the world works and why percentages and algebraic equations matter. She was passionate and determined to have us students learn. She and the school principal (Mr. Frasier) worked tirelessly to have us students learn High School Math (while still in elementary school) at the local High School to build on our skill set. The board of education fought the effort, but they pursued the initiative tirelessly (because of their passion). Well, problem solved, issue resolved…they won and us students were better for it! Kudos to my grade school principal Mr. William N. Frasier and Ms. Chang. I still remember her voice saying (and sometimes she literally shed tears as she remarked), I try so very hard to teach you. I still see visions of Mr. Frasier; statuesque, dignified, well dressed, well informed, well traveled, an intellect who enjoyed life and exposed children to the world as it would operate decades before us students knew. For this I am eternally grateful.

So you see, you do not have to be anything other than a person who engages smart thinking in order to change the world for the better. Take your passion and solve a needed problem. Be of service and part of a fiber that engages to help build up and not tear down…

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