What is NATO and Why is it so important to you and I?

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The organization was founded in 1949 and believe it or not sets out to broker world peace and not world war! Sometimes you have to defend and protect against the ills of this world and come together in such a forum in light of best practices and best strategies.

In doing so, peace enhances the scale and scope of macro-economics and makes for a better world. That means you and I are able to live good and decent lives. If we live good and decent lives as a whole, we are able to keep the world moving in the right economic direction. Sure there will be riffs here and there, but no one guaranteed a perfect life as we are all fundamentally flawed (imperfect). However, we can live in a peaceful society where the vast majority are fundamentally satisfied with the quality of life and its surrounds.

I don’t think anyone particularly cares for war, however, war is inevitable. As long as hate and bias exists to the extent that it does (in the world today), there will be such great disconnects in differences of theory and fundamental belief systems. If hate and bias is interjected in a way that causes a country or a cell of people to react against a fundamental belief of another people or country, the battle begins.

A battle can go on for years and could eventually turn into war. Thus, war seems to be quite inevitable as there are billions of people in the world today that are impacted by poverty, wealth, strife, struggle, disease, and mental illness. The importance of ‘picking your battles’ becomes very important as it relates to waging potential war(s).

What is not acceptable as it relates to battles or war is terrorism. Thus, countries must come together a create a bond that will protect its citizens and its communities from such atrocities that terrorists and ill willed people facilitate and implement. There is power in numbers when people(s) are trying to broker peace and work towards a greater good of its people(s). And as such, NATO is fundamentally a good organization.

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