POWER ( LIP’s and WIP’s)

Power is one of those things that can make or break situations, circumstances or people to the extent that one pays attention and becomes proactive enough to facilitate, manage and execute his/her own power. Power is anything but subtle. It is well planned and plays out like a fine symphony. One can be played or become a player. It is wise to be a player. In order to get in on the game, you have to play. In order to play you have to be a player. That said, one is powerless if they are being played. One can become powerful if they are a player. However, it is important to understand power and use it for a greater good.

Why is it important to be a player? First, if one doesn’t actively engage in life knowing how to play the game…( most plays made in life are a part of the game)…they will be played. A great way to circumvent a powerless stance (being played) is to seek knowledge and fact check what you hear but don’t know to be the truth.

There is a group of powerful players that prey on people that fit in this category. I call this category (of people being played), Low Informed People (LIP’s). LIP’s will listen to rumor and gossip and take the misinformation or mal intended information as true fact, then spread the rumor as if they are really smart! The LIP’s then actively engage in LIP service, which is ultimately a dis-service to anyone who listens and does not take the time to fact check or seek additional knowledge with regard to such a topic. LIP service is all talk, in short rhetoric. Talk without action or execution is meaningless. However, LIP service is purposeful in that it takes away your right to power and it paralyzes one’s ability to think clearly. LIP service invokes passion and extracts collective targeted LIP’s. The danger is when Low Informed People (LIP’s) get together they form groups that create movements that are ignorant to the facts and are quite ill informed.

When Low Informed People (LIP’s) assemble in groups, they give tremendous power to the players who are powerful. In the meantime the powerful players will continue to use the LIP’s to their advantage by telling them what they want to hear in lieu of what they need to hear. It’s a bit of a catch 22 at this point because the LIP’s begin to believe their own LIP service while the powerful continue to use them. Moreover, the LIP’s gain traction in their movement and equate the movement to power. This is very dangerous! The LIP’s movement begins to feel very witty and savvy and begin to tell each other so. Thus, the movement and LIP’s confidence builds and the momentum rides very high. All of a sudden what has been equated to power becomes a force. Now the public equates this new force to power and the paradigm begins to shift.

As the paradigm shifts, the Well Informed People (WIP’s) shake their heads in awe and are caught blind sighted as they cannot out shout the LIP’s. It looks as though the LIP’s are winning and have defeated the system of knowledge and wisdom and replaced it with ignorance…just when the LIP’s reach their pinnacle, the WIP’s pull back the cover and ignorance comes to the surface. Ignorance is ugly because it lacks knowledge and truth. Ignorance is not a derogatory term, it is simply defined as such, ‘Lack of knowledge, unawareness, unfamiliarity, inexperience, unknowing, unaware, uneducated, uninformed.’ (Oxford America Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus). Ignorance, when dressed up or part of a movement is a very dangerous slippery slope!

Get in the game of life and be a player. Don’t be played. Know your strength. Know your Power and use it to build up and not tear down.

Just like the goddess Athena denounced ignorance, so should you?

Be well informed

Fact Check what you hear if you do not know the fact(s)

Seek Education

Don’t be a part of movements, you know nothing about

Seek wisdom from really smart people, then fact check what you have been told

Seek Diversity in skill set and other peoples

Don’t engage in LIP service

Be a part of the solution and not the problem

Don’t Trail Blaze unless you are educated on such a topic and you are seeking positive Change

Know who you are associating with

Don’t befriend people you know nothing about

Don’t settle for Status Quo when it is clear things should change

Don’t strive for Change if things are changing to make your community or the world a better place

Don’t spread rumor and gossip

Do inform people of fact and truth to the extent they need to know

Embrace your Power and use it for a greater Good

Be Better…

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