Stay educated on topics you talk about, Health Care is one such topic…

There is so much gossip and rumor mill in the world.

There are so many people who listen to the media such as talk shows and radio commentary or better yet, politicians who are in a competition, then take what is said as the gospel truth.

Don’t take any such rhetoric at face value until you do a fact check!

The Internet is our new encyclopedia and as such, there is no excuse for ignorance.

Be in the know and know what you are talking about.

Stay educated on topics you talk about.

Just recently, The Supreme Court of the United States of America is weighing in on Health Care. Health Care impacts us all. This is a great opportunity to be informed (educated) and talk about what you know.

Several links pertaining to HealthCare…below


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Risk Taking

Why are you less willing to take a risk?

I am going to assume you are a leader or a follower in training on the way to becoming a leader.

Leaders are not opposed to taking risks nor are they afraid to rock the boat.

First and foremost be a convicted leader and stand for something. In doing so, I must also caution you to stay within the boundary of moral high ground. It is impossible to take risks and not expect challenge, backlash or push back. When you step out to reengineer a theory, thought process or business process or program you are implementing change. Most people by and large are opposed to change and don’t like change. People like status quo. Leaders don’t like nor do they settle for status quo. It is a leader’s job to facilitate change and execute flawlessly in order to make a difference in the world. Thus, don’t further complicate the issue of taking a risk and implementing change then couple it with questionable moral gray area. Be concise and explicit in giving direction and well thought out in your planning. In doing so, you will always be respected. People may not like you or your decisions but they will respect them. That respect level is directly attributed to a leaders Power.


Thus, if you as a leader have built your organization on a strong foundation, it then becomes very difficult for people to cause your organization to waiver to any great extent… because the foundation is Strong. That in and of itself is one of the greatest Power dynamic(s) a leader should know 100% without a doubt. Occasionally cracks will form in your organizations foundation. My best advice is to repair them immediately. Don’t let weeds grow throughout the cracks in the foundation of your organization. Should those weeds clog the pipes at the base of the foundation, you may have to tear down the organization and rebuild. That is a costly proposition and surely you will lose Power. When a leader loses Power he/she will be less enabled to take risks. Proceed with calculated caution and take risks, change the status quo.


Be Better.


Have Faith.

Be Strong.


Is a convicted leader destined to change the world by taking risks?

Does a convicted leader implement change and do away with the status quo?

You are the Leader, you decide.