The humbling reality…MLK Dedication

I am absolutely in awe of the reality MLK fought tirelessly for and I am constantly reminded how small I am, yet I stand with broad shoulders. Those shoulders will not enable me to be puffed out in posture. The shoulder’s simply help me stand balanced and do a good work for all humanity. I am very blessed to have been raised by spiritually minded parents (with unshakable, unmovable faith) who taught me to stand , be strong , be of good courage and never move from my foundation. For that foundation is what will enable progress and support for the next generation to come. They taught me to forgive and that forgiveness is something I have to do. However, never forget what has happened or who is the author of confusion, dis-rest and chaos. …lest we forget?

So I bow my head and pray that God will continue his work in man and that man will work for the greater good of all humanity. Not just one race, not just one people, but all God’s children. Peace and harmony is there and it awaits us with perfect patience and is hopeful that we will find it.

There is far to much dissension and unrest in this great country. It is my hope and prayer that individual political agendas will cease and  greater work and a greater good will come of our laws and its governance. There are some who want less and less government and more and more individualism to prevail. The question to ponder is: If there is no governance who will survive the calamity and chaos? The answer: The person(s) who are best at killing and eating each other to survive. I hardly call that civility.

All our people,  black, brown, red, white, yellow and the like have fought to be recognized, heard, understood and respected. No one race is superior over the other. We all have different gifts, talents and cultural skill sets as a great offering to the country and the world at large. If we are to truly represent a country of diverse peoples that coexist harmoniously and prosperusly then we need to get back to our foundation that was predestined and built as one nation under God. Not your god or my god, but our God which art in heaven.

Unike most men of extraordinary power.. MLK had very little (from a monetary standpoint), was average looking, average in size had an average family with average friends. Yet God touched his life in an extraordinary way and he moved our country back to a civil stand and showed the world that what God has planned is far greater than any man could or will ever be able to comprehend. The paradigm shifted with such a ripple around the world that the way MLK was taken out of his human flesh is almost negligible in comparison to the light that continues to shine throughout the universe.

MLK a real man who believed, took a stand for all, stood with integrity on his side, and was incredibly convicted, realized he was fundamentally flawed due to the very nature of good and evil (he was not perfect). Yet he persevered with the tenacity of a force so strong it could have only come from God’s innate intervention.  You see…what God has predestined, no mere mortal can impact it’s force and more importantly, no mere mortal can stop the greater good that will come to pass.

So today, I pause to pray and give thanks to God for showing us all that a greater good can come of our world/country and civility, harmony and prosperity will be restored. Blessed are those who work towards the greater good of all God’s people. It is better to build up than to tear down.

Thank you to all who participated in the MLK dedication and who continue to believe and dream.

In Sincerity,