What is needed in Business…

What business leaders must learn is how to create and implement an environment that is incredibly dynamic. A dynamic business environment is energetic and forceful. It is powerful in that the energetic quality encompasses empowerment and diversity in skill set.

If your organization lacks diversity in skill set, you can not survive in today’s market. Your core product may keep the doors open, but it is creativity and innovation that enables the business to profit and sustain itself through organic growth opportunity. Your business, employees and more important, your customer and the economy depends on your business leadership to recognize diversity and embrace it.

Further, business leadership has got to get back to the business of empowerment. When a business enables/empowers it’s employees to succeed at the very mission and value proposition of the said business, the employee works harder and has an “all in” attitude…and we all know that a more productive company is a profitable company. Production is the result of work and effort that causes a particular product to multiply by the number. When a quality, innovative product multiplies by the number of units or services, the business bottom line is greatly increased.

At the end of the day, a business must look at what is working, what is not and how best to address the market with a quality product that is needed in the market. In turn that product must be able to hit the market with the right supply and demand business model.

If your business has a great product that is centered around a consumer need, and is a quality product that can meet supply and demand, it is your duty (as a business leader) to get that product to market in an expeditious manner. Once that product hits the market, don’t rest on your laurels and become complacent. Role out your next product, based on Quality, Consumer/Customer/Client needs and Supply and Demand.

I have attached a link with Business Experts discussing what is over-rated and what is needed in business. This discussion should help you and your business think differently.



To Greater Success,


Ambidextrous…the new Diversity

I wanted to chat a bit about the relevance and the importance of being or becoming ambidextrous. I have always admired those who can work with ease using both hands. Now, I see the gross importance of being ambidextrous in life. Ambidexterity is needed in:







All Countries

All Continents

and by all People

You see, having the ability to use both hands with ease helps the left pick up slack when the right needs help and vice-versa. Now that appreciating diversity!

Lesson learned.

All the best,


What to do about problems….

Problems are a necessary means to an end. Without problems there is no growth. We must all seek and understand growth as opportunity to carry on with life. Life is complex and challenging and it can be Beautiful. The beauty in life comes with experiencing diversity and appreciating all it’s surrounds. The sky, the simple color lines in a flower, the smell of rain, the touch of a grandmothers soft skin or calloused hands, the look in a child’s eye when they figure out…”I can do it”, overcoming an incredible obstacle, the smile of a stranger when you are at your very worse, having a great hair day on a bad work day, looking your absolute worse and your significant other tells you, “you are special”, your boss ranting and raving under pressure at you and you remain calm….take it all in and be “all in”. Show up in life and embrace the challenge of the day and look forward to the tomorrows. Life goes on and with every problem there is a growth opportunity to be a better you.

As J.C.Penney (retailing magnate) put it, ” I’m grateful for all my problems. As each of them was overcome I became stronger and more able to meet those yet to come. I grew on my difficulties.”

Sara Henderson stated, Australian outback station manager and writer ” Problems are a major part of my life. Don’t whinge about why you always have problems…Get on with the solving. Take it from someone who has been there- the solving gets easier as you go along.”

and in closing…

Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) states, Danish writer ” I think these difficult time have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things one goes around worrying about are of no importance whatsoever.”

Get on with life and be the best you can be. Embrace your problems, take on the challenge and learn from the experience. Then go out and let you light shine.

All the best,


Send a Job(s) Creation Idea/ Plan or Video…Well worth the effort!

Please, let’s try and fix unemployment. I am convinced that this is do-able… not rocket science. With all the statisticians, economists, committees, some very dim-witted politicians, let’s block everything politicians and some let’s not give anything because we don’t want to politicians, NOTHING is getting done.

You can be a part of the solution. Let’s get moving…

Your ideas or plans will be posted on YouTube, Smart-TV (with a full on interview), and we will forward to D.C. Well worth the effort?? I say YES.


Job Creation…Please help put a simple plan together to get this country moving!

With the unfortunate issue and concern regarding the lack of job creation for the month of August 2011, I am deeply concerned and would like a call to action. Together we can be a part of the solution and not the problem of ..doing nothing and complaining. Thus, I am actively soliciting your opinions and views of probable job creation within a 30-180 day time-frame. I know there are some very sharp minds that have great ideas out there.

The task is:

(1) Think out of the box

(2) Simple Strategy

(3) Mission Statement per the plan (one to two sentences)

(4) The plan itself

I would imagine this Job Creation plan/strategy would be no more than half a page to a page. Pretty simple right?

In return for the plans, I’ll make some noise and get the plans looked at.

Let’s get moving!