The New CEO…Great Change in Leadership!

This is a wonderful article that should give us hope that economic stability for the community at large is on the rise through thoughtful, intellectual visionaries. I have long advocated that CEO’s do not have all the answers. Furthermore, they need to gain a greater perspective as it relates to their companies by respecting and appreciating  objectivity in the board room. There should also be quarterly diversity round-tables (inclusion) from the various business units across the enterprise. This simply means,  CEO’s have to pull their resources and pay attention in order to realize organic growth opportunity and maintain a high level of customer retention as it relates to the market and the business community at large .

The pulse of the organization starts with the employee(s) and extends to the customer. If the employee does not feel part of the organization and thus just a number, the attitude will carry over to the customer. If the customer is not satisfied or better yet..if the customer is not well pleased, the company loses market share. If the new CEO can create a formula to enhance profit, market share, keep employee morale high and actively engage in a customer satisfaction business model the company will be a winner.

Kudos to those CEO’s who get it!

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What happens when your business goes up in flames (so to speak)? Do you run through the fire?…

No. You figure out a way to approach the fire and put it out.

A cool head is more likely  prevail under pressure.

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What happens when your business takes a turn…

In business you should always be mindful of business down turns. If you’d like to stay profitable and successful, please know the following:

  1. There is no room for complacent attitude or behavior
  2. Your competition would like to have more marketshare in light of growing their business
  3. You have to stay in touch and in tune with your employees (they drive your business and they have their finger on the pulse of the customer)
  4. Follow your annual business plan and mission statement, it is a critical component of your intended success strategy (it shows your company stands for something)
  5. Incorporate excellent customer service in all aspects of your business
  6. Know your competition
  7. Know your customer
  8. Know your customers needs and wants
  9. Know your employees
  10. Know your employees needs and wants
  11. Know where our company is headed (no time for head in clouds)
  12. Do something…work the plan, roll up your sleeves…get busy and plan to work in survival mode
  13. Do not quit, figure it out and plan to sell if absolutey neccessary
  14. Consult with trusted experts or business consultants who truly understand your business industry and your business needs
  15. Have faith
  16. Believe
  17. Dream
  18. Think Big
  19. Keep a lid on your plans and your vision until you are prepared to roll out the business plan and strategy
  20. Keep negative people away from your business and your inner circle

If your business takes a turn on the down side, keep pressing toward the mark you set as a success target, until you have a Bulls Eye!

All the best,