Diversity in skill set is not a threat….

There are few things that really bother me as it relates to business. That thing is closed mindedness. Don’t be a company that views diversity as a threat in your organization. Diversity can make your organization Better. In business, companies can not afford to be exclusionary. If the American Corporation is to stay profitable and innovative, there must be inclusion at the decision making table. Additionally, there must be diversity in skill set throughout the organization.

You see, diversity is not an interloper here to invade our business and take away opportunity. Diversity is a necessary means to an end. The end simply put is a profitable, well run organization that knows the value of its people who are at the core of the companies success.

 When a company truly values diversity it shows in reciprocity. The people in the organization value each other, hold each other accountable, and extend loyalty to the company. Loyal employees enhance production and innovation. In short, people work harder and feel good about their efforts because they are actively engaged in the process.

If a company excludes diversity in skill set because middle management does not get it, then the mid layer of management in your organization needs proper training and testing on the training…then held to specific targets relative to the diversity goals of the company. If the mid-management (this includes but is not limited to AVP’s, Regional Management etc…) needs to be be replaced with forward thinkers that truly understand the companies mission and vision, DO IT NOW. Don’t let your organiztion suffer business loss due to a group of defiant managers unwilling to adapt to the paradigm shift.

Make your company a better place, one that embraces innovation and forward thinkers. Re-think your mission statement and value proposition. Then build your strategic business plan and enjoy the market share you deserve. Engage the employees and empower them, Fire them Up! I guarantee a positive change in morale and a group of workers who are “all in”!

To greater success,